Through the suggestion of disciplinary council and decision of the academic council following punishments can be awarded:

  1. His/her remuneration/honorarium can be deducted partially.
  2. Total remuneration/honorarium can be deducted.
  3. Provision of remuneration/honorarium can be cancelled.
  4. For the period of absent without leave (AWOL) his/her remuneration/honorarium may be deducted.
  5. His/her internship training can be cancelled totally.

All intern doctors are to carry their “IDENTITY CARDS” & will wear apron when in the college & hospital.
No intern doctor will cause any blemish to college & hospital or do any act of indiscipline or will instigate others to do such acts.
Violation of this will be considered as misconduct.
Each intern doctor will have to remain present for any duty ordered by the authority and will not leave the place without the permission of the authority.
No intern doctor will stay in the hospital except during the time of duty without permission of the authority.
All intern doctors will perform duties during working and holidays according to duty roster made by the director.
Each intern doctors during his/her tenure of training will get 15 days leave on special circumstances, but will not get leave for more than 03 days at a time.
If any inter doctor remain absent for maternity, she will perform duties for same duration, after she rejoins training, she will not get any remuneration/honorarium during this period of absence.
Intern doctors will not make any application for any matters jointly.
Excepting through proper channel intern doctors will not communicate with higher authority.

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