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A student is required to pay the following amount at the time of admission:


1) Following amount to be paid at the time of admission:
  a) Admission fee
Tk. 13,90,000.00
  b) Intern allowance
Tk. 1,80,000.00
  c) Tuition fee (3 months advance)
Tk. 24,000.00
Tk. 15,94,000.00


2) Fees structure (Ttuition fee) will be as follows:
  a.Tuition fee: Tk. 8,000.00 Per month (for all Phasees).

Bangladeshi students will have to pay total amount of Tk.15,94,000.00 (Fifteen lac ninety four thousand only) at the time of admission.


1) Following amount to be paid at the time of admission:

a. One time development fee
US $ 16,000.00
b. Admission fee

US $ 1,000.00

c. Tuition fee (for 05 years USS 2760 X 5)

US $ 13,800.00

d. Hostel rent (for 05 years USS 600 X 5)

US $ 3000.00

e. Other fees

US $ 2,200.00

f. Incidental expenses
US $ 950.00
g. Government fees

US $ 1000.00

h. Clinical fee at a time

US $ 2000.00

Total USD for regular student:
US $ 39,950.00
2) Mode of payment
  * At the time of admission
US $ 15,000.00
  * Second installment (To be paid by June 2017)
US $ 8,950.00
  * Third installment (To be paid by January 2018)
US $ 4,000.00
  * Forth installment (To be paid by January 2019)
US $ 4,000.00
  * Fifty installment (To be paid by January 2020)
US $ 4,000.00
  * Sixth installment (To be paid by January 2021)
US $ 4,000.00
3) Fees structure of tuition fee, hostel rent & clinical fee will be as follows:
  Tuition fee : US $ 2,760.00 (per year).
  Hostel rent : US $ 600.00 (per year)
  Clinical fee: US $ 2,000.00 (To be paid after appearing 1st prof.)


All the financial transaction with this college is to be made through TT to Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College & Hospital, Sylhet, Bangladesh, Account No. 0021-0320000249, Swift Code No- TTBLBDDH021 maintained with Trust Bank Limited, Sylhet Corporate Branch, Chowhatta, Sylhet, Bangladesh mentioning the name, batch and roll number of the student for whom the payment is made.