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   Life Sketch :

Founder & Chairman, Governing Body
Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College and Hospital
Sylhet, Bangladesh

Danobir Dr. Ragib Ali is the name of an eminent and noteworthy personality. He has reached the height of achievement in human welfare by dint of perseverance, extreme diligence and intelligence. Innumerable humanitarian works and charities of this lofty man have transformed him to an institution himself. He had actively worked to eradicate the various irregularities and injustice in both home and abroad. This publicity-averse person is widely known as “Magnanimous Ragib All” in both the national and international arena. Through establishing countless schools, colleges, mosques, madarasas, medical college, universities, religious institutions, streets and roads, bridge and culverts, contribution in the education, health care, sports and publishing sector, through actively supporting the publishing of the literary works of writers-researchers, through patronizing the field of art and culture and through actively working for poverty alleviation-this great personality has completely dedicated himself in all aspects of human development. According to Danobir Dr. Ragib Ali “No deed is greater than the deed of caring and dedicating one’s life to the welfare of mankind”. This sophisticated man with admiration for art and culture, vows to dedicates himself for the welfare of human being till his last breath.Danobir Dr. Ragib All was born in Ragibnagar of Sylhet District. He Completed SSC Exam from Raza G.C High School and went abroad for higher studies. He Completed A Level from Ashely College UK and BBA and MBA from American University. He also completed PhD (2013) on “Tea for food security” from the same University. Since 1961 he became completely engaged in business. He is one of the leading industrialists of Bangladesh and is associated with multifarious business organizations including Tea, Banking and Insurance companies, Moreover; he is the heart and soul as well as the visionary behind numerous organizations and associations. These are.

  • Founder & Chairman, Ragib Rabeya Foundation.
  • Founder & Chairman, Leading University, Madhubon, Sylhet.
  • Founder & Chairman, Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College and Hospital, Sylhet
  • Founder & Chairman, Begum Rabeya Khatun Chowdhury Nursing College, Pathantula, Sylhet.
  • Founder & Chairman, Rabeya Banu General Hospital, Ragibnagar, Sylhet.
  • Founder & Chairman., Rabeya Khatun Maternity and Child care Center, Ragibnagar, Sylhet.
  • Founder & Chairman, Rabeya Khatun Chowdhury General Hospital, Jokigonj, Sylhet.
  • Founder & Ex Chairman, North South University, Dhaka.
  • Founder & Ex Chairman, University of Asia pacific, Dhaka.
  • Founder & Chairman, Ragib-Rabeya Degree College, Ragibnagar, Sylhet
  • Founder, Ragib-Rabeya High School and College, Paniumda, Nabiganj, Habiganj.
  • Founder & Chairman, Borkol Ragib Rabeya College, Borkol, Rangamati.
  • Founder & Chairman, Haji Rashid Ali High School, Kamalbazar, Sylhet.
  • Founder, Ragib-Rabeya High School & College, Lamakazi, Bishwnath, Sylhet.
  • Founder, Ragib-Mujib High School, Purbodhola, Netrokona.
  • Founder & Chairman, Ragib-Rabeya Bidyaniketon, Haoldarpara, Sylhet.
  • Founder & Chairman, Ragib-Rabeya Uchcho Bidyaloy, Baliurabazar, Duarabazar, Sunamgonj.
  • Founder & Chairman, Ragib Ali Registered Primary School, Bishwanath, Sylhet.
  • Patron, Ragib-Rabeya Fulkuri Primary School, Rangamati Sadar, Rangamati.
  • Founder & Chairman, Ragib-Rabeya Kachalong Technical Training Center, Langodu, Rangamati.
  • Founder & Chairman, Jameya Islamia Ragibia Madrasha, Guabari, Pathantula, Sylbet.
  • Founder & Chairman, Ragib Rabeya Jameya Islamia, Shidairgul, Shahebbazar, Sylhet.
  • Founder, Ragib Rabeya Research Center, Jokigonj, Sylhet.
  • Founder, Boxpotti Ragib-Rabeya Jame Mosjid, Soriotpur.
  • Founder Vice Chairman & Ex Chairman, Southeast Bank Ltd.
  • Founder Vice Chairman, Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Founder President, Moulvi bazar Chamber of Commerce industries.
  • Founder President, Sylhet Bibhag Unnoyon Parishad.
  • Founder, Ragib Rabeya Sporting Club, Sunamgong, Hobigonj & Moulvibazar.
  • Founder President, Mohamedan Sporting Club, Sylhet.
  • Chairman, Victoria Sporting Club, Sylhet.
  • Founder, Jalalabad Association, Dhaka.
  • Donor & Founder, Ragib Ali Bridge on the Basia River.
  • Donor & Founder, Three Pacca Bridge, Magura.
  • Donor member, Shot Songo Bihar, Korerpara, Sylhet.
  • Donor member, Ram Krishna Mission, Sylhet.
  • Donor, Press Club Building, Sylhet.
  • Donor, Police Rest house, Sylhet.
  • Donor, Boddha Mondir, Sylhet.
  • Donor Member, Sri Sri Lukonath Brommachari Ashrom, Korerpar, Sylhet.
  • Vice President, Nobab Sir Solimullah Etimkhana, Dhaka.
  • Founder, Chorkhoria Madrasha, Mymensing.
  • Founder, Sohifagonj S.D Madrasha Jame Mosjid, Bishwanath, Sylhet.
  • Founder, Ragib Rabeya Bhobon, Sohifagonj S.D Madrasha, Bishwanath, Sylhet.
  • Founder, Ragib Rabeya Bhobon, Mohamedan Sporting Club, Syihet.
  • Vice President, Brothers Union, Dhaka.
  • Founder, Ragib Ali Bhobon, Modon Mohon College & University, Sylhet.
  • Founder & Patron, Ragib Rabeya Bhobon, Rajnagar Ideal High School, Rajnagar, Moulvibazar.
  • Ex-Vice Chairman, Bangladesh Hockey Federation.
  • Founder, Ragib-Rabeya Jame Mosjid, Ahmodnagar, Komolgonj, Moulvibazar.
  • Patron, Ragib-Rabeya Sritirokkha Parishad, Sylhet.
  • Founder & Patron, Ragib-Hasan Technical and Business Management College, Kumarkhali, Kusthia.
  • Founder & Patron, Ragib-Rabeya Bhobon, Derai Degree College, Derai, Sunamgonj.
  • Funder, Ragib-Rabeya Bhobon, Shahjalal DS Hafizia Madrasha, Ponaullah Bazar, Bishwnath, Sylhet,
  • Founder & Chairman, Shajalal Ragib-Rabeya Deaf Dumb & Autistic Institute, Sylhet.
  • Patron, Rabeya Khatun Choudhury Sriti Sangshad, Ragibnagar, Sylhet.
  • Founder & Chairman, Ragib-Rabeya Bangladesh Sports Academy, Ragibnagar, Sylhet.
  • Founder & Chairman, Ragib-Rabeya Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Sylhet.
Cultural Institute & Newspaper:

  • Pioneer - Ragib-Rabeya Literary Award.
  • Pioneer - Ragib-Rabeya Foundation Ekushe Sammanana.
  • Patron - Jatio Kobita Porishod & Bangladesh Writers Club.
  • Chairman of the Editors board - The Daily Sylheter Dak, Sylhet.
  • Director, Daily Financial Express, Bangladesh.

Welfare Trusts of the Foundation:

    • Ragib Ali Kalyan Trust, Modhubon, Sylhet.
    • Rabeya Banu Kalyan Trust (for Ragib Rabeya Degree College, Ragibnagor, Sylhet).
    • Rabeya Khatun Choudhury Kalyan Trust (for Haji Rashid Ali High School, Dokshin Surma, Sylhet).
    • Ragib Rabeya Uchcho Biddaloy Trust (for Ragib Rabeya Uchcho Biddaloy, Lamakazi, Sylhet).
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust (for Ragib Rabeya Uchcho Biddaloy & College, Paniumdha, Nobigonj, Hobigonj)
    • Ragib Rabeya Shikkha Kalyan Trust (for Ragib Rabeya Uchcho Biddaloy & College, Paniumdha, Nobigonj, Hobigonj).
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust (for Ragib Mojib High School, Purbodola, Netrokuna).
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust (for Sohifagonj S.D Madrasha, Bishwanath, Sylhet).
    • Ragibia Madrasha Trust, (for Jameya Islamia Ragibia Madrasha, Pathantula, Sylhet).
    • Ragib Rabeya Jameya lslamia Trust (for Ragib Rabeya Jameya Islamia Madrasha, Shidairgul, Shaheb bazar, Sylhet).
    • Rabeya Banu Kalyan Trust (for Ragib All Registry Primary School, Rogupur, Bishwanath, Syhet).
    • Shahid Showkat Newaj Memorial Trust (Malnichoera, Sylhet)
    • Ragib All Kobi Dilwar Trust (Sylhet).
    • Mohamedan Sporting Club Trust (Rekabi Bazar, Sylhet).
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust (for Kamal bazar Jubofuram, Kamalbazar, Sylhet).
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust (for Gouripur Jubo Unnayoun Shonstha, Tuker bazar, Sylhet).
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust (for Tultikor Somaj Kalyan Somiti, Tultikor, Sylhet).
    • Freedom Fighter Late Saifur Rajjak Kinu Poribar Kalyan Trust (Sylhet).
    • Rabeya Banu General Hospital Trust (Ragibnagar, Sylhet).
    • Sylhet Muktijudda Bohumukhi Kalyan Trust (for Freedom Fighter, Sylhet).
    • Ragib Rabeya Foundaiton Zakat Trust, Modhubon, Sylhet.
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust (for Rajnagar Ideal High School, Rajnagar, Moulvibazar).
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust (for Ragib Rabeya Uchcho Biddaloy, Baliurabazar, Duarabazar, Sunamgonj).
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust (for Boroikandi Islamia Alim Madrasha, Dokshin Surma, Sylhet).
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust (for Jamaya Islamia Gazi Burhan Uddin (Rh:) Madrasha, Tultikor, Sylhet).
    • Rabeya Khatun Choudhury Sriti Sangsad Trust, Ragibnagar, Sylhet.
    • Ragib-Rabeya Sritirokha Parishad Trust, Madhubon, Sylhet.
    • Ragib-Rabeya Kalyan Trust, (Sylhet Head post office), Sylhet.
    • Ragib-Rabeya Research Center Trust, Majbond, Jokigonj, Sylhet.
    • Ragib-Rabeya kalyan Trust, (Bangladesh Scouts Sylhet Region) Sylhet.
    • Ragib-Rabeya Bidyaniketon Trust, Haoldarpara, Akhaliya, Syihet.

Worth mentioning some reward, medal:

  • Sher-a-Bangla Jatio Sriti Sangshad Puroskar-1994
  • Bangladesh Jatio Sahityo Sonskriti Songshod Puroskar-1997
  • Mawlana Akram Kha Sriti Podok-1998
  • Bangladesh Sahityo Sonskriti Songshod Puroskar-1999
  • Principal Dewan Mohammon Ajrof Shanti Podok-2001
  • RIHAF Sahityo & Sanskritik Songshod, Dhaka Somaj Seba Puroskar-2003
  • Sofol Uddokta and Babosai Puroskar-2003-2004- by Chittagonj University.
  • `Gunijon Award’ 2004 by Srejonshil Jatio Sapthahik ‘Desh Mati Manush’
  • Mir Mosharf Hossain Gold Medal-2005.
  • FBCCI Standard Chartered SME-Award-2005.
  • Haniman Podok-2005 by Homelo Peshajibi Somiti, Dhaka.
  • Sher-a-Bangla Sriti Podok-2009.
  • Jatio Kabi Nazrul Award-2009 by Bangladesh Sangbadik Oikko Porishod.
  • Krishi Biplob Sommanona Puroskar-2009.
  • Life time Achievement award -2009 by Channel ‘S’
  • Human Rights Award-2010 by Human Rights legal aid Society.
  • Nowab Solimullah Award-2010 by Oitizzo Foundation.
  • Life time Achievement award -2010 by British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce.
  • Bank, Bima, Orthoniti Award-201 1.
  • Sylhet Ratno Award-2012
  • Huj’Hu Award-2012 —UK. London.
Magnanimous Danobir Dr. Ragib AU at his own expense built houses for thousands of homeless people, constructed bridge over Basia River spending over crores of taka and has built many roads, bridges and culverts in Sylhet division. He has sunk in hundreds of tube wells to provide safe drinking water in that region. He has constructed 4km pucca road and either repaired or constructed 22km of roads in different places of Sylhet Region. Moreover, through Ragib-Rabeya Foundation he donated his hard earned wealth for humanitarian purpose setting a rare example of social work. He has become a national figure through his activities. People of Sylhet feel proud of his remarkable achievement. We pray for his long and spirited life.

For further details please visit http://www.ragibali.com/