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College Accommodation: At present the college is having floor space 3,64,600 sft.

Hospital Accommodation: Hospital building and others - total floor space is 2,36,000 sft.

Physical Space and Environment of College & Hospital : Total area - 8.22 acre.

Hostel Facilities:
CHostel are available both for boy's & ladies students and also for international students.

Audio-visual equipments:

Class rooms are well equipped with modern audio-visual appliances. The college has its own computer, internet, e-mail, web site and intercom facilities.

Cafeteria and canteen:
College possess a nice cafeteria students may avail cafeteria canteen facilities in cheaper rate.

Student’s attendance:
The student’s attendance is recorded. The guardians are informed of their wards attendance periodically.

Student’s assessments:
Student assessed through periodic class examinations (Written, Oral and Practical, card completion and clinical examinations OSCE & OSPE) as per BMDC course curriculum.

Dormitory facilities available for male and female students.

Guardians participation:
Guardians advice on college affair is welcome.

Academic division:
Academic division is responsible for teaching medical students in accordance with the curriculum laid down by Bangladesh Medical and Dental council for MBBS degree from Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet. The teaching doctrine employed by the college is based on the principle that provides a structured process of institutional teaching, which combines continuity and candour with a absolute obsession for perfection. The aim being to turn each and every medical students into medical men and women of advanced knowledge and expertise capable of matching the challenge of 21st century in terms of handling suffering humanity.