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Department of Anatomy

Department of Anatomy is responsible for teaching Phase - I medical students. The department teaches various disciplines of Anatomy namely Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Neuroanatomy, Histology, Radiological and Surface Anatomy providing special emphasis on general applied and functional aspects.


Dr. Md. Abdul Quddus, MBBS, M. Phil, Assoc. Prof. & Head of the dept.

Prof. Ayesha Akhter, MBBS, M. Phil, Professor

Dr. Jesmin Sultana, MBBS, M. Phil, Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Mst. Effat Jahan, MBBS, M. Phil, Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman Shuaib, MBBS, M. Phil, Asst. Prof.

Dr. Khandaker Mohammad Mazharul Islam, MBBS, Curator

Dr. Abida Amin Choudhury, MBBS, Lecturer

Dr. Nasrin Sultana, MBBS, Lecturer

Dr. Sadia Afrin Rimi, MBBS, Lecturer

Dr. Arup Ratan Chowdhury, MBBS, Lecturer

Dr. Nishat Tasnim Khan, MBBS, Lecturer

Dr. Rana Miah, MBBS, Lecturer

Dr. Sadman Sakib, MBBS, Lecturer